The Hungarian Electromobility Association (HEA) was established to create a representation for sustainable development of the Hungarian electromobility industry and to build up a European network that helps to get involved in this fast-changing market.

The Association provides services for members e.g. creates forum, hosts events and representation abroad. HEA organizes projects and carries out communication activities to foster electromobility. The members of HEA represent a wide variety of companies, organizations as well as individuals from the energy sector, innovation services, higher education, vehicle production and distribution, fleet management, consulting and IT services and municipalities. HEA is also active in regional and international cooperation. Besides representing Hungary in AVERE (The European Association for Electromobility), the organization is leading partner or project member of several regional projects.

For more information visit our web site: www.elektromobilitas.hu


Slovak Electric Vehicle Associations / SEVA was established on 17 April 2012 in Bratislava with the aim to represent and promote the development of transport and transport infrastructure for personal and commercial electric vehicles in Slovakia.

The founding companies decided to establish the association to create an effective platform for communication and cooperation between general government, educational institutions, companies and foreign partners. Its aim is to initiate and participate in the preparation of fundamental materials, legislation and projects for development of electromobility. SEVA is a member of The European Association for E-mobility (AVERE).

For more information visit our web site: www.seva.sk


The Polish Alternative Fuels Association (PSPA) is the largest industry organization dealing with the creation of the e-mobility market and alternative fuels market in Poland.

PSPA integrates Polish and foreign companies from many sectors, including: automotive, infrastructure, financial, transport, municipal, energy, consulting, legal, and retail, which work together towards shaping favorable business environment, allowing for the development of low-emission transport in Poland. The organization helps start-ups by engaging in acceleration projects, simultaneously working closely with leading academic centers (University of Warsaw, Silesian University of Technology, UMCS). PSPA is a partner of many local governments which are active in the area of sustainable transport (Lublin, Rzeszów and Wrocław).

For more information visit our web site: www.pspa.com.pl


The aim of Czech Electric Vehicle Industry Association is to create, promote and fulfill the vision of electric transport without local emissions, promote innovation in electromobility, availability of the charging network, create business opportunities to increase competitiveness.

Activities are focused on the development of innovations in electromobility, capacity sharing, know-how and joint projects. Members supports efficient power utilization, network stabilization, SmartGrids, upgrading and charging speeds, respecting the principles of electrotechnical safety, safe driving and electromagnetic compatibility.

For more information visit our web site: www.asep.cz/